Wärtsilä extends its BioPower product range

Wärtsilä Corporation, Trade press release 30 May 2006 at 11:00 UTC+2

Wärtsilä Corporation has added two sizes of biomass-fuelled plants to its BioPower product range employed for electricity generation and local heating applications. The new BioPower 3 and BioPower 7 plants each deliver approximately 3 and 7.5 MW of electricity. They join the existing BioPower 2 and 5 plants to offer an overall electrical output range from 2 to 7.5 MWe.

The new plant sizes allow Wärtsilä to dimension biomass-fuelled power plants even closer to customer requirements. They also extend the capacities for heating applications and for condensing plants up to 7.5 MW electrical output. Such higher outputs are in high demand in the central and southern parts of Europe.

The new, larger plants are based on the same well-proven modular concept as the earlier plants. The modular approach brings several benefits such as: consistent quality owing to the factory assembly of modules, less site work allowing faster delivery time and compact, but well-considered layout arrangements requiring less floor area for the power plant building. This technology also results in a reliable, durable plant. They are also highly automated, enabling unmanned operation with daily attendance.

Wärtsilä’s biomass-fuelled plants are clean and efficient. They are a practical solution to the need for energy supplies using renewable fuels with minimum environmental impact. They incorporate patented Wärtsilä BioGrate combustion technology to burn biomass fuels with high combustion efficiency and low NOx and CO emissions. They typically use wood-based fuels, such as sawmill residues, forest harvesting residues, sawdust, wood chips and bark.

BioPower plants operate on a closed steam-feed water system which is separate from the heating water system. Steam is generated in an efficient water-tube boiler, and supplied to a back-pressure steam turbine driving an alternator. Turbine exhaust steam then heats the heating water, and the condensate is returned as feed water to the boiler.

Wärtsilä in brief:

Wärtsilä enhances the business of its customers by providing them with complete lifecycle power solutions. When creating better and environmentally compatible technologies, Wärtsilä focuses on the marine and energy markets with products and solutions as well as services. Through innovative products and services, Wärtsilä sets out to be the most valued business partner of all its customers. This is achieved by the dedication of more than 12.000 professionals manning 130 Wärtsilä offices in over 60 countries around the world.


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