Wärtsilä stepping out into e-business

Wartsila Corporation, Press release 27 September 2000 at 03:01 UTC+2

Wärtsilä CorporationPress release 27.9.2000

Wärtsilä Corporation is taking a step forward in developing a new channel for its products, services and information over the World Wide Web. Through e business, Wärtsilä’s outstanding solutions, services and knowledge will be brought very close to customers and business partners, to make them available seamlessly at anytime and from anywhere. This approach will put Wärtsilä at its customers’ fingertips further supporting the company as the global system and service provider for power solutions both at sea and on land.

The e business functions will be introduced step-by-step. They will start with tailored services to dedicated users and customers in pilot testing from mid December 2000. Then users, customers and suppliers will be added as the e business channel grows and the scope of products, services and information are extended. The first release will be available at the end of February 2001.

Access will be provided in three different levels of accessibility and guaranteed security: • The Open Level providing access to publicly-available information, such as pre-engineering concepts and installation design information, etc.; • Registered Level requiring the user to register for customised information; • Agreement Level authorising access to those users having an agreement with Wärtsilä on their individual scope of accessibility to information and services.

Through this channel, Wärtsilä will serve shipowners, shipbuilders, utility companies, power plant operators, etc., giving them direct access to a wide range of information and services specifically concerning their engines and installations. The full range of services and information is envisaged to include, for example, the following ways of helping customers: • To provide on-line the relevant information and services that potential customers need about Wärtsilä power systems to start designing a new ship or power station; • To show not just the latest service bulletins and interactive technical manuals concerning their installations, but also make available all the past bulletins; • To provide Wärtsilä knowledge and expertise to help customers in operating their power plants or ship power systems; • To enable spare parts to be ordered in a fully transparent and efficient on-line process; • To provide on-line tracking of deliveries; • To supply training services for customers’ employees.

E-business is part of Wärtsilä’s growth strategy. It supports and extends exactly what Wärtsilä does now, but in a far more efficient way. One result will be to reduce administrative work for customers and Wärtsilä itself, and thereby give the group’s personnel more time for direct customer contact for better individual service.

An important aspect of the Wärtsilä e business is to integrate the group’s processes with those of customers and suppliers to obtain easier, more straightforward processes and reduce transaction costs. Very many of these companies are developing their own businesses using the latest concepts in information technology. It thus makes sense to obtain major synergies by allowing the Wärtsilä e business channel to be integrated seamlessly in customers’ information systems, and vice versa. The e business introduction marks the beginning of a new future for Wärtsilä in which information technology and expert systems shall be exploited to make it far easier for customers and other business partners to deal with the company.

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