Hamworthy builds up orderbook for industrial power generation condensers

Hamworthy, Press release 27 May 2009 at 15:00 UTC+2

Recent contracts have contributed to the 23 water cooled vacuum condensers and three air cooled condensers now in Hamworthy Serck Como’s orderbook.

Hamworthy Serck Como has received six orders for water cooled condensing plant so far this year, and delivered an air cooled condenser. “We have several projects in the pipeline and the situation regarding new projects is looking positive for the industrial power generation market,” said Udo Attermeyer, sales director.

The six water cooled vacuum condensers are destined for power plants in Belgium, England, the Netherlands, Sweden, Russia and Germany. The water cooled vacuum condensation plants are shell and tube type heat exchangers.

The air cooled condenser was ordered for a biomass power plant in Strizivojna, Croatia, about 150 miles east of Zagreb, and will be commissioned in January 2010. The Hamworthy Serck Como unit contains two fans that condense 11 tons of turbine steam per hour.

Strict restrictions for the use of cooling water and its limited availability at many locations has result in a growing demand for dry air cooler systems. Air cooled condensers manufactured by Hamworthy Serck Como are especially suitable for the liquefaction of turbine exhaust steam at vacuum conditions.

In addition to supplying condensers Hamworthy Serck Como also offers:

  • engineering
  • all necessary auxiliary and safety equipment
  • switchgear cabinet for control of the plant
  • assembly and commissioning
  • pipework, exhaust steam pipe, electric cabling and heat insulation.