Trading of Wärtsilä’s combined shares begins

Wärtsilä Corporation, Stock exchange release 27 March 2008 at 09:00 UTC+2

Trading of Wärtsilä’s combined share series begins today, 27 March 2008. The new trading code for all Wärtsilä shares as of this day is WRT1V. Each share carries one vote and has equal rights.

Wärtsilä Corporation’s Annual General Meeting on 19 March 2008 resolved to combine the company’s Series A and Series B shares into one single class of shares. The combination of share series is expected to increase interest in the company’s shares and lead to improved liquidity of the shares.

In connection with the combination of share series, Wärtsilä arranged a directed free share issue for holders of Series A shares so that holders of Series A shares received one (1) share free of charge for each nine (9) Series A shares. In this way holders of nine (9) Series A shares holds ten (10) of the company’s shares following the measures taken to combine the share series.

To the extent the number of Series A shares held by the holder of Series A shares was not divisible by nine (9) on the record date, the fractions have been given to Nordea Bank Finland Plc and the fraction shares will be sold on behalf of the holders of series A shares by today, 27 March 2008, on the OMX Nordic Exchange Helsinki, and the price shall be determined according to the prevailing trading price. Nordea Bank Finland Plc shall declare the funds received from selling these shares on or around 2 April 2008, and the funds shall be deposited in the cash accounts connected with the book-entry accounts of the shareholders no later than 7 April 2008.