Wärtsilä agrees on the sale of some machinery from the Turku factory - Co-operation with subcontractors is being developed

Wärtsilä Corporation, Press release 26 November 2004 at 12:00 UTC+2

Wärtsilä has today signed agreements with the Finnish companies Konepaja Häkkinen Oy and Ceiko Oy concerning the sales of certain machine tools and devices and the lease of production facilities in Turku, Finland. The production machinery and facilities will become available as engine manufacturing in the Wärtsilä Turku factory ends at the turn of the year.

Wärtsilä has sold heavy machine tools to Konepaja Häkkinen Oy. In addition to the machinery acquisitions, Häkkinen Oy has informed that the company can offer work for approximately 20 people dismissed from Wärtsilä. 

Wärtsilä has sold a production cell for manufacturing engine parts to Konepaja Ceiko Oy. Ceiko Oy has informed that they can offer work to a few people dismissed from Wärtsilä. 

The agreements include a lease agreement, according to which the new entrepreneurs may continue operating on the premises of the Turku factory for a set period of time as of 3 January 2005.

Konepaja Häkkinen Oy

Raisio-based Konepaja Häkkinen Oy was established in 1980. The Group employs 258 persons and its subsidiaries are Tikkakosken Konepaja Oy in Tikkakoski, and Rautpohjan Konepaja Oy in Jyväskylä.
The Konepaja Häkkinen Group operates as a contract manufacturer for the heavy machining industry, and now sees a good opportunity to expand its operations into a new sector. The expansion brings new product potential and improves the company's competitiveness in the market. The Group is particularly known as a manufacturer of large and demanding rotation, casing and beam-type components in the Nordic countries. Its main customers operate in the field of machine manufacturing, heavy electrical industry, and power transmission and wind-power industry in the Nordic countries.

Konepaja Ceiko Group

The Turku-based Konepaja Ceiko Group is a company that engages in machine shop operations in Turku, Salo and Gdansk, Poland. It employs approximately 280 people. The company is a significant contract manufacturer and system supplier, which also has its own line of products, such as industrial containers made of stainless, acid-proof steel.

The purchase of the tappet cell brings new technology and expertise to the Ceiko Group. At the same time it strengthens the company’s position in the market and enables growth and development in business operations.

Additional information: Erik Pettersson, VP, Engine Division, Wärtsilä, tel. +358 (0) 400 667 173.