Wärtsilä power for Cambodian IPP

Wärtsilä Corporation, Trade press release, 26 May 2004 at 09:00 UTC+2

The Cambodian IPP investor Khmer Electrical Power Co Ltd (“KEP”) has awarded a contract to a consortium led by Wärtsilä Corporation to supply a 30 MWe diesel power plant in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

The plant will consist of four Wärtsilä 18V32 diesel generating sets. The plant will be of a fairly conventional design with the engines operating on baseload, burning heavy fuel oil. The plant will be operational in March 2005, and it will deliver electricity to the Cambodian national grid, under a contract with Electricité du Cambodge (EDC), the Cambodian national power utility.

KEP and Wärtsilä have further entered into a spare parts supply agreement for the commercial lifetime of the plant (18 years from COD).

Khmer Electrical Power Co Ltd is the first Cambodian owned independent power producer (IPP) in Cambodia. KEP is the recently formed power subsidiary under Oknha Phu Kok An’s business conglomerate, and the company plans to extend its power plant business in Cambodia in the future.

Wärtsilä is joined in the consortium by Comin Asia Pte Ltd of Singapore for regional supplies and Wärtsilä’s Cambodian agent Comin Khmere Co. Ltd for local works.

Wärtsilä already has experience of supplying diesel power plants in Cambodia. One of the existing installations is an 18.6 MW power plant consisting of three Wärtsilä 18V32 generating sets. This power plant has been supplying electricity to EDC since 1996. The other power plant is a 5 MW EDC-owned power plant in Sihanoukville consisting of two Wärtsilä Vasa 8L32 generating sets, operational since 1998. Both plants are operating on HFO. EDC is satisfied with the performances of both plants. Spare parts and services for these plants are supported by Wärtsilä Singapore.

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About Wärtsilä:
Wärtsilä is The Ship Power Supplier for builders, owners and operators of vessels and offshore installations. We are the only company with a global service network to take complete care of customers’ ship machinery at every lifecycle stage. Wärtsilä is a leading provider of power plants, operation and lifetime care services in decentralized power generation. The company provides power plants for baseload, peaking, and combined heat and power applications. Wärtsilä also supplies solutions for gas compression and for oil and gas pumping. The product range comprises gas- and oil-fired power plants with outputs from 1 MW to 300 MW, biopower plants with outputs from 1 to 10 MWe and bioheating plants for 3-20 MWth.

Wärtsilä is headquartered in Helsinki with representatives in more than 60 countries. Production facilities are located in Finland, Norway and Italy with assembly plants in Spain and India.

Wärtsilä supplied more than 1,100 MW of power generation equipment around the world in 2003.

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