CHP plants for district heating in Hungary

Wärtsilä Corporation, Trade press release 23 September 2004 at 15:00 UTC+2

Wärtsilä Corporation has received contracts to supply gas-fuelled generating sets and associated equipment for two combined heat and power (CHP) plants in Hungary.

One plant is to be located at Füredi út in Budapest. The main contractor is Kraftszer Kft., a Hungarian engineering company which has built a number of CHP plants, and the plant will be owned by Zugló-Therm Energiaszolgáltató Kft. Wärtsilä is supplying three Wärtsilä 18V34SG generating sets to give a combined electrical output of 18,000 kW. The generating sets will be provided with heat recovery systems to gain also 16,500 kW as hot water for district heating. The hot water will be distributed by Fötáv Rt., the main district heating utility in Budapest. The plant is due to be handed over in June 2005.

The second plant is at Újpalota, also in Budapest. For this plant, Wärtsilä is supplying three Wärtsilä 20V34SG generating sets. They have an initial, combined electrical output of 19,995 kW with the possibility of it being increased to 24,000 kW. Heat recovery from the engines will initially provide a further 18,960 kW as hot water for district heating, with a possible increase to 23,000 kW. The plant is being built by CHP-Invest Kft. and EGI Contracting and Engineering Co Ltd, and it will be owned by CHP Erőmű Kft. Again the hot water will be supplied to Fötáv Rt. The plant is also due to be fully operational by June 2005.

In both cases, the emphasis is on the supply of hot water for district heating with generated electricity being supplied to the public grid. In Hungary this kind of CHP plant is required to have a minimum total efficiency of 75% each month. Wärtsilä’s solutions for the above two plants readily exceed this requirement.

The engines will run on natural gas. They thus combine high efficiency with low exhaust emissions. With the addition of heat recovery for district heating, the plants have overall energy efficiencies of about 82 per cent.

As an example of the scope for such CHP plants, the Újpalota plant serves a suburban area in Budapest in which practically all buildings are connected to the district heating network. There are about 30,000 apartments, together with shops, schools, medical care facilities, administrative buildings, etc. In the summer, the Újpalota plant will provide all necessary heating for the area and during the coldest winter days it will meet about 10–15% of heating demand with the balance being supplied by the existing hot water boiler plant.

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