Wärtsilä’s operations in Turku move to Science Park

Wärtsilä Corporation, News, 23 June 2021 at 14:45 UTC+2
  • Street view of CivilCity.  © Aihio Arkkitehdit

Wärtsilä Finland has decided to move its operations into a new location in Turku, when the lease on current premises in Stålarminkatu terminates at the end of 2022. Through this change, it is possible to offer the staff in Turku new, modern working spaces and a more flexible way of working.

The new office space will be located in Turku Science Park in Untamonkatu 1. The new office building titled CivilCity, currently being built, will be 8 stories high, Wärtsilä using three of those stories. The new spaces suitable for technical maintenance and field service were found in Itäharju, where a location in Teollisuuskatu will be renovated to fit the surrounding buildings and Wärtsilä needs. Turku Technology Properties and Wärtsilä Finland have signed the rental contracts for the properties today 23.6.2021.

”We mapped different space options in Turku, since the location is strategically important to Wärtsilä. The area is the most significant hub for the maritime industry in Finland, around which a strong network of collaboration and innovation has formed. This culture of collaboration supports Wärtsilä’s targets for decarbonisation. The Science Park area will be an internationally significant knowledge centre, at which the business life and universities work towards common goals in a unique way. This also suits Wärtsilä’s way of working with the surrounding ecosystem,” says Hannu Mäntymaa, Managing Director of Wärtsilä Finland.

“We are very happy that Wärtsilä is moving to Turku Science Park. The move of such a significant player in the area further strengthens the Science Park's position as a centre of expertise and also increases the interest of other actors in moving to the Science Park and gives faith to the Science Park's expansion plans,” says Mikko Lehtinen, Managing Director of Turku Technology Properties.

Wärtsilä’s relocation to the new spaces is estimated to happen during autumn of 2022, after which all Wärtsilä Land and Sea Academy Turku courses requiring special space and equipment will be held in the new Smart Technology Hub in Vaasa. The change has no impact on the number of Wärtsilä staff in Turku. Wärtsilä employs approximately 3700 persons in Finland, 2850 of which are located in Vaasa, 500 in Helsinki and 350 in Turku.

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Hannu Mäntymaa
Managing Director
Wärtsilä Finland Oy
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Mikko Lehtinen
Managing Director
Turku Technology Properties
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