Wärtsilä’s Johan Boij receives distinguished COGEN Europe Award

Wärtsilä Corporation, Trade press release 22 April 2009 at 10:00 UTC+2

Mr Johan Boij of Wärtsilä has been honoured with an individual recognition award by COGEN Europe, the European association for the promotion of cogeneration. Mr Boij, who is Senior Manager of Regulatory Affairs at the Wärtsilä Delivery Center Ecotech, gets this distinguished award for his work in significantly improving, increasing, and promoting the market for cogeneration. Also, Mr Boij is considered to have contributed substantially to the general understanding of cogeneration.

The COGEN Europe Annual Recognition Awards are given for outstanding contributions to the development of cogeneration in the European Union. The awards are handed out in four categories, namely Policy Development, Market Development, Technology & Innovation, and Lifetime Achievement.

Johan Boij received the award in the category of Market Development, which recognizes a wide variety of achievements and activities, including sales, projects, public support, manufacturing, education, and advocacy. The awards were presented at the 15th COGEN Europe Annual Conference, Europe’s largest annual cogeneration event, held this year in Brussels, Belgium.

Mr Boij is an expert in the field of emissions legislation. His efforts to achieve improved legislation for cogeneration installations are carried out in co-operation with organisations such as Euromot (the European Association of Internal Combustion Engine Manufacturers), EMA (Engine Manufacturers Association), and COGEN Europe. These organizations represent the stationary engines industry in active dialogue with the World Bank and IFC (International Finance Corporation), the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the EU, and other organizations and countries. Together, they represent the accumulated knowledge of the industry in carrying out this important work.

Johan Boij also contributes papers and articles on the subject of emissions and environmental legislation and the benefits of cogeneration, to various conferences and magazines. 

Following the presentation, Mr Boij commented: “I am deeply honoured to have received this award. Local decentralized cogeneration is a viable means of enhancing energy security, while decreasing total emissions in a sustainable way. Cogeneration is already today recognized by the EU, and is gradually being acknowledged around the world as an important step towards significantly improving the overall efficiency of the use of fuel.“

Wärtsilä is a leading provider of cogeneration solutions
Cogeneration (combined heat and power or CHP) is the simultaneous production of electricity and heat. Through being able to utilize both electricity and heat, the efficiency of a cogeneration plant can reach 90% or more. Cogeneration is the most effective and efficient form of power generation, and offers energy savings of 15-40%, when compared to the supply of electricity and heat from conventional power stations and boilers. Furthermore, cogeneration produces fewer emissions, particularly CO2 emissions.
Wärtsilä’s CHP plants provide heat generation in parallel with the electricity production, producing steam, and hot or chilled water, and are optimally designed for the customer’s needs and requirements. These CHP plants are based on single or multiple Wärtsilä reciprocating engines that can run on various fuels while maintaining low emissions and high efficiency. A Wärtsilä cogeneration power plant will give the same output as separate power and heat generation, but with significantly less fuel input.


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About COGEN Europe

COGEN Europe is the European Trade Association for the Promotion of Cogeneration. Its principal goal is to work towards the wider use of cogeneration in Europe for a sustainable energy future. COGEN Europe is promoting the widespread development of cogeneration in Europe and world-wide. To achieve this goal, COGEN Europe is working at the EU level and with Member States to develop sustainable energy policies and remove unnecessary barriers to its implementation.