Further Sulzer low-speed engines for large tankers

Wärtsilä Corporation, Press release 21 December 2000 at 11:00 UTC+2

For the year 2000, Wärtsilä Corporation reports that 24 Sulzer RTA84T low-speed diesel engines with an aggregate power output of 713.4 MW (970,800 bhp) have been ordered for installation in very large tankers contracted at shipyards in China, Japan and South Korea. The engines will all be built by licensees of Wärtsilä in Japan and Korea.

Altogether there are now 78 Sulzer RTA84T engines (including the  B and  D versions) delivered or on order, with a combined output of 2171.9 MW (2.95 million bhp).

The Sulzer RTA84T enigne is one of the largest in the Wärtsilä low-speed engine family. Wärtsilä low-speed engines are mainly manufactured by licensees.
Wärtsilä Corporation is the leading global ship power supplier and a major provider of solutions for decentralized power generation and of supporting services. In addition Wärtsilä operates a Nordic engineering steel company and manages substantial share holdings to support the development of its core business.

Notes to the Editor:
There are two versions of this press release. This is the abbreviated version. More technical details are included in the longer version, which can be found on our website www.wartsila.com News & Archives/Trade press.


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