Hamworthy breaks through in China’s gas ship market

Hamworthy, Press release 21 September 2010 at 15:00 UTC+2

Hamworthy Gas Systems has made a major advance in China’s broadening gas carrier construction sector by securing a breakthrough contract for systems for six Liquid Ethylene Gas carriers to be built at Sinopacific Offshore & Engineering Co. Ltd (“SOE”), Nantong.

The ships, six 12,000m3 capacity, 139m long semi-pressurised and refrigerated LEG carriers ordered by Luxembourg-based Jaccar Holdings, are being built in accordance with Sinopacific’s latest ‘Tiger’ design, with delivery due from 2012 onwards.

Featuring a three tank arrangement, these innovative vessels are configured to achieve enhanced intact and damage stability performance, easy cargo loading operations, and excellent floating conditions for navigation. Designed with hull efficiency and reduced fuel consumption in mind, and also conferred ‘Green Passport’ notation by Class, the new vessel type also meets provisions set out in the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 for crew accommodation, which is due to enter into force during or after 2012.

The cargo handling systems on board will also be forward looking with high flexibility of cargoes. The ships are capable of transporting LEG at temperatures down to -104oC.

In a contract worth over £20 million, each ship will feature cargo handling systems from Hamworthy, due delivery between December 2011 and mid 2013.

“China now dominates the new contract market by number and deadweight and, increasingly, its experience is being turned to more complex vessels such as gas carriers,” said Tore Lunde, Hamworthy Gas Systems’ Managing Director. “We see this innovative project as a very significant reference for Hamworthy in the gas ship market in China.”

Hamworthy’s scope of delivery includes engineering and the supply of cargo handling systems to include reliquefaction plant and Hamworthy Svanehøj deepwell cargo pumps.

The latest order follows hard on the heels of last month’s deal covering delivery of complete ship design and cargo handling systems (including tank design and supply) for eight liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) carriers to be built in Brazil and, for Petrobras subsidiary Transpetro.

“We have over 45 years experience in gas system design and engineering, but 2010 is shaping up to be a landmark year for Gas Systems and for Hamworthy as an integrated supplier of systems and ship design,” said Mr Lunde. “Our new relationship with SOE, coupled with the Transpetro order, indicates our continuing strategy to offer complete design and supply for gas handling and storage.”

Also in hand in China is a Hamworthy Gas Systems contract with Taizhou Wuzhou Shipbuilding Co Ltd for a cargo handling system on board a 5,000m3, fully pressurised LPG carrier. Here, engineering services and equipment (including cargo tank design) have been completed, with the ship scheduled for delivery in early 2011.

Hamworthy acquired ship design and consultancy firm Baltic Design Centre in 2008, renaming the operation Hamworthy Baltic Design. The company has made a priority of developing a range of vessel specifications for the gas carrier market, offering fully pressurised liquefied natural gas and LPG carriers, and semi-refrigerated LEG/LPG and NH3 carriers with capacities from 1800m3 upwards.