Wärtsilä wins Best Paper Award for article entitled “Future Market Designs for Reliable Electricity Systems in Europe”

Wärtsilä Corporation, News 20 June 2013 at 03:00 UTC+2

At the PowerGen2013 conference in Vienna, Wärtsilä Power Plants has received the Best Paper Award in the category for “Strategies for the European power industry”. The award is recognition for Wärtsilä’s dedicated research and development work in the increasingly important field of flexible power generation. Wärtsilä’s study, which is entitled “Future Market Designs for Reliable Electricity Systems in Europe”, identifies the value of flexibility in power systems with large shares of intermittent renewable energy sources. Wärtsilä’s paper proposes a new electricity market model for Europe to reveal the value of flexibility and to boost investments in flexibility. It also shows how savings can be made in two large power systems, in the UK and in California. The paper was written by Melle Kruisdijk, Market Development Director, and Matti Rautkivi, General Manager at Wärtsilä Power Plants.

The study by Wärtsilä addresses the important topic of changing conditions and fundaments in the European energy markets. The amount of intermittent power generation is on the rise as a result of the increasing penetration of variable renewable generation into the system. This leads to greater demand for flexibility in power generation to balance the fluctuation of variable generation from wind and solar. The paper proposes new market designs to reward and incentivize investment in the flexible capacity in order to provide the required flexibility in a most economic way.

In addition, Wärtsilä’s paper presents two recent studies on the value of flexibility in the UK and California, conducted by Redpoint Energy together with Imperial College London and DNV KEMA, respectively.

“The case studies show that investment in new flexible capacity can save European consumers several billion euros annually. This is the value of system flexibility, or the cost of system inflexibility. In the future, the flexibility of power system should no longer be an invisible and low cost side product of power generation, taken care of by the system operator, but a key factor in the power system design and optimization,” the Wärtsilä paper says.

Read the paper here: Future Market Design

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