Competence and career management program for Odfjell's seafarers

Wartsila Corporation, Trade press release 17 December 2002 at 02:01 UTC+2

Wärtsilä Corporation Trade and technical press 17 December 2002

Following the recent launch of Wärtsilä’s Land and Sea Academy (WLSA) for training all categories of seafarers to today’s high skills and competency needs; Wärtsilä is pleased to announce its first major seafarer competence and career management development contract.

The specialized chemical logistics provider, Odfjell ASA has signed a four year contract with WLSA to develop and implement comprehensive training and career path solutions for their seafarers.

WLSA will provide Learn@Sea™ service which will enable Odfjell to utilise state-of-the-art competence management infrastructure and advanced training logistics support. By partnering with WLSA, Odfjell will be able to optimize its competence and career management program thus achieving the best value and results of their investments. This service will also be tailor-made to meet Odfjell’s specification, approval process and quality standard.

A planned and effective competence and career management programme will clarify objectives and goals to be achieved by the company and its seafaring personnel.  The programme will encourage better communication throughout the organisation and will work towards a greater retention of valued seafarers.

Through this new and innovative approach to personnel development, Odfjell aims to give guidance and assistance, to its seafarers, in choosing the right track. The competence and career management programme will ensure that quality standards and team building environment of its seafarers will be maintained, hence encourage good working practices on-board in years to come.

Wärtsilä Land & Sea Academy (WLSA) is a global training organisation within Wärtsilä that covers all aspects of training for land-based and marine power production. Not only product and hands-on training for the engine room, power plant and installed equipment, but also competency management, career path planning and licensing of certificates issues.

Notes to the editor:

Odfjell ASA

Odfjell is a leading company in the global market of transporting and storing of chemicals and related logistical services. The fleet totals 90 ships, trading both globally and regionally, of which 51 are owned by the group. Odfjell additionally owns and operates tank terminals and tank containers.

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Wärtsilä Corporation

Wärtsilä Corporation is the leading global ship power supplier and a major provider of solutions for decentralised power generation and of supporting services.

Wärtsilä service and operations business builds on the Group’s global base of installed engines and power plants. With this activity the Group supports its customers throughout the lifecycle of these products. Wärtsilä offers a complete range of proactive services, including performance optimisation, modernisation and operations support.

Wärtsilä service solutions support the operation and maintenance, performance and economy of engines and installations, covering all Wärtsilä and Sulzer engines as well as older engine brands.

Wärtsilä is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland with subsidiaries in over 60 countries. For more information on Wärtsilä, visit the corporate web site at

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