Hamworthy meets new LPG requirements

Hamworthy, Press release 15 November 2011 at 14:00 UTC+2

Hamworthy has secured a significant contract in the Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) sector, involving its newly patented reliquefaction technology.

An 84,000m3 newbuild LPG carrier under construction at Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI), and due delivery in 2013 to Norwegian shipowner Solvang ASA, will feature a Hamworthy cargo handling system to which patents have been granted.

Knut Erik Heggem, Hamworthy Business Development Manager, LPG said that the cargo handling system’s newly patented reliquefaction technology conferred a number of operational and cost benefits for owners. “The system has been developed for larger LPG carriers, typically ships above 60,000m3 aimed to reduce installation, operation and maintenance costs. In contrast to the traditional approach of four reliquefaction units, the new design features two units of increased size

“The concept has been developed to provide increased reliquefaction capacity and improved loading rates at terminals, which is of importance for operation. The level of redundancy is maintained and the installation cost is reduced as a result of fewer components. This will require lower power consumption than traditional equipment onboard sailing VLGCs and variable frequency speed control of the compressors will result in reduced wear and tear and better adaptation to available generator capacity. The latest International Gas Code (IGC) rules have been utilized to install ex-proof compressor motors, which eliminates the need for a separate motor room reducing equipment such as ventilation fans. Finally, through simplified design, optimal operation is achieved for the crew, which reduces the need for intervention by personnel.

“The system is also designed for transportation of two cargoes simultaneously and has also been specially modified for ULGCs. The reliquefaction units handle the main cargo and provide the required redundancy, while a condenser unit is included to carry the second grade cargo.”

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