Hamworthy’s new test inert gas generator benefits innovation and training

Hamworthy, Press release 12 December 2008 at 14:00 UTC+2

A new full-size inert gas generator installed in the Hamworthy Moss test shop in early November will not only accelerate design development but also offer training opportunities.

“Our new inert gas generator test unit is a vital piece of equipment to speed up the innovation process in Moss,” said Geir Hellum, managing director of Hamworthy Moss. “It is now possible to test new designs in a short period of time and at no risk. This dramatically improves delivery of new designs for customer contracts”.

The test unit was ready to be fired up after five months of preparations, and is about to start an intensive test programme. “Designs to be tested offer very significant cost savings, and many can be implemented for the existing orderbook, producing immediate benefits,” Mr Hellum said. “Whenever we introduce an innovative solution we aim to surpass the standards of quality, flexibility and reliability already established”.

The test generator also opens up a completely new set of opportunities for after sales activities, such as training programmes for crew and other technical personnel. Courses are being developed in response to the growing demand for training and education requested by shipowners.