Wärtsilä and Hitachi renew co-operation agreement on low-speed marine diesel engines

Wärtsilä Corporation, Trade press release 12 March 2009 at 10:00 UTC+2

Wärtsilä and Hitachi Zosen Corporation of Japan yesterday signed a ten-year renewal of the existing co-operation agreement for the marketing, sale, manufacturing and servicing of Wärtsilä low-speed marine diesel engines. Hitachi’s low-speed engine business is handled by the group company Hitachi Zosen Diesel & Engineering Co Ltd at its Ariake Machinery Works in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan.

The licence co-operation agreement is a basis for the exchange of diesel engine technology between Wärtsilä and Hitachi. It defines and regulates intellectual property rights. It also sets out the delivery and feedback of technical information and support. Such licence agreements allow synergies to the participating companies through aggregating research, development and design with the licensor while distributing and localising manufacture to licensees in separate countries.

This is the third renewal of a licence agreement of Wärtsilä concluded in Japan in recent months. The other agreements are with Diesel United Ltd, signed in October 2008, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd, signed in January this year. Renewal of these agreements, all for ten years’ validity, at a time of financial and market uncertainties is a clear statement of the confidence in the future for these important licence relationships.

The partnership with Hitachi goes back to an agreement signed in November 1956. More recently, it was reinforced in 2008 when Hitachi began the manufacture of RT-flex low-speed marine diesel engines which incorporate the very latest electronically-controlled common rail technology. Hitachi is currently focusing on the manufacture of electronically-controlled engines (RT-flex types) and is building a series of RT-flex50 engines for installation in new ships being constructed in China and Brazil.

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