Improvements within Wärtsilä’s diversity performance

Wärtsilä Corporation, News, 12 February 2021 at 11:00 UTC+2


Two recently published diversity surveys show that Wärtsilä’s top management is improving in diversity. The Nordic Business Diversity survey and EWOB 2020 Gender Diversity Index survey both measure diversity in the Board of Directors and Board of Management. 

Wärtsilä at the top in the Nordic Business Diversity survey 

The Nordic Business Diversity survey ranked Wärtsilä at the top of Large Cap companies in Finland, Sweden and Denmark in terms of diversity in gender, age, nationality and education of senior leadership. 

Wärtsilä got 73.5 points out of the maximum 100 points. It is more than any other company in the Nordic countries included in the survey. Last year Wärtsilä was ranked second with 70 points.

Finnish Large Cap companies are a bit ahead in diversity in the covered countries: 84% of Finnish and 62% of Swedish Large Cap companies achieve at least half of total points.

The real forerunners in securing diversity are still rare. Only 3% of the listed companies got 70 points or more and 40% got less than 50 points. However, the knowledge and concrete actions to promote diversity have increased, according to the survey. 

The survey covered a total of 244 companies, of which 116 were Large Cap companies from Finland. The sample included all publicly listed companies with an executive team and board consisting of at least four people from Nasdaq Helsinki main list, and the Large Cap companies from Nasdaq Stockholm and Copenhagen. The data was collected from the companies’ websites and annual reports during September-October 2020. 

Read about the survey results here. 


Wärtsilä improves in EWOB 2020 Gender Diversity Index 

Another recent diversity study, EWOB 2020 Gender Diversity Index survey, placed Wärtsilä as 83rd among 670 European companies in terms of gender balance. Wärtsilä’s position as the second-best company in Finland was considerably better than last year when Wärtsilä was found on the 9th place in Finland and 276th overall among European companies. 

The survey concentrated on women’s share in top management – either Board of Management or Board of Directors. Since last year women’s share in the leading positions of listed companies has increased only a little – one percent in Managing Directors’ positions and two percent in Board Chairmen’s positions.

The survey covered almost 670 European companies from 18 countries. From Finland 17 companies were included. The data was collected in July-August 2020 by European Women on Boards.

Read about the survey results here.

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