Swedish companies win Wärtsilä's Technology Award of the Year 2004

Wärtsilä Corporation, Press release, 11 May 2005 at 14:00 UTC+2

Wärtsilä’s Board of Management has chosen the in situ crank pin machining system developed jointly by Wärtsilä Sweden AB and Ciserv AB for the Wärtsilä Technology Award 2004.

Repairing a damaged crankshaft is a highly demanding procedure. The new method shortens the average machining time by 40 percent and lowers the costs accordingly. The method enables the procedure to be carried out ‘in situ’, i.e without dismantling the engine, and the equipment used is easy and light to handle.

The system was developed by Mr Sture Alm, Mr Reine Gustafsson, Mr Reine Mattsson and Mr Ronnie Svensson, all of whom work for engine service in Sweden.

Wärtsilä Sweden AB’s spare parts and maintenance services cover all Wärtsilä gas and diesel engines for onshore and marine power plants and for Wärtsilä propulsion systems. Ciserv AB additionally provides a wide range of ship repair and maintenance services.

Wärtsilä’s worldwide service network spans more than 60 countries and includes Ciserv companies in nine countries.

Further information:
Mr Matti Kleimola, Group Vice President, CTO, Wärtsilä Corporation, tel. +358 10 709 5690
Mr Bo Dahlén, Managing Director, Wärtsilä Sweden AB, tel. +46 31 744 4640