Wärtsilä judged best producer of separate sustainability report in Finland

Wärtsilä Corporation, Press release, 10 October 2003 at 09:00 UTC+2

Wärtsilä has been judged best among Finnish companies producing a separate report on sustainable development and corporate responsibility.

This year a record number of separate environmental and corporate responsibility reports, 53 in all, were submitted for evaluation; by comparison, 46 were submitted last year and only 12 when evaluation of such reports was started in 1996.

The organizers behind the competition were Elinkaari ry (the Environmental Communications Association), Finnish Business & Society ry, Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration, the Ministry of Trade and Industry, KHT-yhdistys ry (the Finnish Institute of Accounts), Taloussanomat (a Finnish financial daily), Ympäristöjohtamisen yhdistys (the Association for Environmental Management) and the Ministry of the Environment. Besides their own experts the organizers also invited representatives of various environmental associations, investors, consumer associations and business enterprices to sit on the adjudicating panel. The evaluation was conducted by research company LTT-Tutkimus Oy, which is owned by the Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration.

Wärtsilä has been chosen for the new Kempen/SNS Smaller SRI Europe Index launched on 1 October 2003 by Kempen Capital Management and SNS Asset Management. This index only accepts companies that meet its strict requirements in the areas of business ethics, human resource management and environmental protection.
Further information:

Prof. Matti Kleimola, Group Vice President, Technology & Environment, Wärtsilä Corporation, tel. +358 10 709 5690
Marko Vainikka, Development Manager, Environment, Wärtsilä Corporation, tel. +358 10 709 5404.