ERCOT Market Summit


ERCOT Market Summit will provide an unparalleled deep dive into the following topics:

- Assess how massive regulatory and market rule changes will impact ERCOT in 2024 and beyond.

- Evaluate how the potential solutions to increase capacity and improve reliability could affect energy costs and asset profitability.

- Explore the huge opportunities and dangers of developing storage in ERCOT.

- Understand how policy changes, permitting hurdles, supply chain issues, and load growth are affecting opportunities to deploy solar and wind in ERCOT.

- Examine how the IRA is driving hydrogen, CCS, synfuel and other industrial decarbonization efforts…and the opportunities these are opening for power providers.

- Learn what will be needed to assure the bankability of projects in ERCOT, as well as the impacts of the new IRA tax incentives.

Wärtsilä speaker: Karl Meeusen
Venue: Austin Marriott Downtown