Wärtsilä speed-fuel performance optimised by Eniram

This service provides customers with up-to-date speed-fuel curves of their vessels, enabling them to utilize this insight for operations planning and fuel budgeting. This dashboard overview overcomes common issues related to FFM signals by cleaning and rigorous validating of the data – otherwise the total fuel consumption obtained from the collected data will give us incorrect values.

    Key features

    • Benchmarking of vessel speed-fuel efficiency to reference period
    • Insight into overall vessel deterioration over time
    • Accurate information enabling operations planning and fuel budgeting

    The speed fuel curves are fitted with historical data, without applying propulsion power decomposition (PPD). Thus the curve will contain effects due to the weather such as wind, sea state, temperature, as well as hull fouling.

    Wartsila speed-fuel performance case

    Fuel data validation

    You can directly see the invalid fuel flow meter data points (in red) on top of the speed-fuel curve (validated in green) of the vessel. This gives you a general understanding about the importance of the fuel validation, and how it would have affected the speed-fuel curve results if we haven’t removed the invalid data.

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