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What if you could predict and prevent problems before they cause downtime?

Digitalisation and data offer great opportunities to improve the reliability of your marine assets. With the right combination of tools, expertise and data you can identify anomalies early and react to potential problems more quickly.

    Take predictive maintenance to the next level with Wärtsilä Expert Insight 

    Wärtsilä Expert Insight, which uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence models and advanced rule-based diagnostics to take predictive maintenance to the next level. It provides crews with invaluable support and peace of mind by detecting minor problems and ensuring they are addressed before they become major issues.

    A real-life example of early detection and remote support:


    Staff at one of our Expertise Centres identified an abnormality in the lube oil pressure at the turbocharger inlet in an engine onboard a vessel connected to Wärtsilä Expert Insight.



    A bearing failure on the turbocharger compressor side was identified as a team work and the corrective actions was guided by the Operational Support in remote connection.



    After replacing the bearing the engine continued to operate normally. The issue was identified and solved proactively before bigger problems occurred.


    This incident demonstrated not only the value of Expert Insight, but also the dedication of the Wärtsilä team in verifying the problem and coming up with a solution in a very short timeframe.

    Martin Steffensen, Fleet Manager, Altera Infrastructure

    Avoid unnecessary downtime with Wärtsilä Operational Support

    With Wärtsilä Operational Support, a dedicated expert in a Wärtsilä Expertise Centre is available to give round-the-clock remote support whenever needed. The expert can investigate issues remotely together with the crew and give guidance, advice and recommendations – helping to ensure that any issues are resolved as quickly as possible and reducing the need for unscheduled maintenance visits.

    A real-life example of operational support:


    The chief engineer onboard an LNG carrier contacted a Wärtsilä Expertise centre for help with a degassing valve that was opening intermittently during engine operation, reducing the engine load by 50%.



    Staff at the Expertise Centre identified that the root cause of the problem was a malfunctioning exhaust waste gate operation. The centre instructed the crew on how to inspect and replace the waste gate assembly.



    After replacement of the waste gate, the engine’s running load was restored to its normal level. The issue was solved remotely in few hours.


    Wärtsilä’s digital remote support capabilities have proved to be of great value for us, saving both time and costs by often eliminating the need to have service people sent onboard in person.

    Øistein Dahl, Managing Director of Golar Management Norway

    Safely prolong maintenance intervals with Data-Driven Dynamic Maintenance Planning

    Wärtsilä Data-Driven Dynamic Maintenance Planning uses engine data analysis and inspections to safely prolong maintenance intervals – optimising the time between overhauls and enabling you to perform maintenance only when needed. The goal is to reduce the number of inspections between overhauls by excluding intermediate inspections and replacing the opening inspection with an intermediate inspection when possible. The result is less maintenance and lower lifecycle costs. Read more » 

    Wärtsilä Expertise Centres global footprint

    Wärtsilä Expertise Centres global footprint map


    Wärtsilä Expertise Centres - the power of knowledge, at your service

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