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Shore power solutions from Wärtsilä reduce fuel consumption and emissions by enabling vessels to plug in to the onshore electricity grid when in port instead of using auxiliary engines to generate power. With vessel owners seeking new ways to decarbonise and achieve compliance, a ship shore power system is quickly becoming standard in new build vessels and a popular retrofit option for existing vessels too.

Shore power categories

Alternative Marine Power

Alternative Marine Power (AMP) while in port allows the vessel to turn off the genset and take power from shore, which reduces emissions and fuel consumption in port. 
The AMP solution is most common in container and cruise vessels, but also used for RoRo, LNGC, tankers, ferries and mega yachts.

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Charging of an on board energy storage system, usually batteries either as a fully electric or hybrid vessel. This option can be applied either with a wireless inductive charging system or automated/manual plug in system.  Both options allow a vessel to operate on batteries only - enabling zero emission sailing.

This solution is often used for shorter journey lengths such as tugs or ferries or on defined routes with fixed ports where the charging terminal can be installed.

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Shore Power trends and insight

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A shore power connection can reduce emissions

Using renewable power via a shore connection is a great way to reduce your emissions. You will find 49 more ways in a fascinating eBook “50 great ways the maritime industry could cut its greenhouse gas emissions”. Learn more:

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