Wärtsilä engines auxiliary systems

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Wärtsilä engines auxiliary systems

Maximum compatibility is ensured when auxiliary systems are delivered together with the main propulsion engines and diesel generator sets. Whenever necessary, the auxiliary systems are tailored to optimise the operating performance for a specific trade. The systems are specified to minimise building costs and operating costs for a specific combination of main and auxiliary engines. Tailor-made modular auxiliary units are available on request.

Module Auxiliary Unit

Standardised Modular Auxiliary Units

  • Fuel oil booster
  • Fuel oil separating
  • Lubricating oil separating
  • Cooling water preheating
  • Starting air compressors
  • Oil mist separator
  • Oily water bilge separator

Some equipment can be built on the engine, and the rest can be delivered separately or grouped in modules. Depending on the engine type and application, lubricating oil pump, HT- and LT-cooling water pumps, fuel pump, oil filters and coolers, pre-lubricating oil pump and thermostatic valves can be built on the engine. Stand-by pumps, seawater pumps, central coolers, starting air vessels, lubricating oil automatic filters, exhaust gas silencers and boilers are typically delivered for separate mounting.

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