Automatic Fuel Switch & Marine Diesel Fuel Cooler Unit

A solution for safe low sulphur fuel adoptation for vessels operating in Sulphur Emission Control Areas (SECA).

Vessels operating in SECAs need to reduce Sulphur Oxide (SOX) emissions in accordance with the revised Marpol Annex VI, which contains regulations on the prevention of air pollution from ships. The Wärtsilä Automatic Fuel Switch and Marine Diesel Fuel (MDF) Cooler Unit is a solution for low sulphur fuel adoption for vessels operating in SECAs, switching from the use of HFO to continuous or temporary operations using LFO. An uncontrolled changeover may cause severe damage to the injection equipment and increase maintenance and spare part costs. In worst case scenarios, it may cause a complete loss of propulsion power.

The Automatic Fuel Switch, which controls the temperature change before the fuel injection equipment is, together with the MDF Cooler Unit, a solution for switching from HFO to LFO fuel, and vice versa. The MDF Cooler Unit, which ensures controlled cooling, and the correct fuel oil injection viscosity and temperature, is a solution for continuous LFO operation.

    Technical info
    The Wärtsilä Automatic Fuel Switch has integrated safety systems, and logs the related data and trends. These provide a real time bar graph of the HFO and Marine Fuel Oil (MFO) ratio (based on user input) consumed by the engine. This enables efficient following of the ratio of the fuels and the sulphur content consumed by the engine, thereby optimizing the start of the changeover process.
    • Ensures controlled cooling, correct fuel oil viscosity and temperature
    • Ensures that the fuel changeover can be started at the correct time
    All 2- and 4-stroke engine types

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