Condor Ferries

Condor Ferries operates ferry services between mainland England, the Channel Islands, and France. Two Ro-Ro ferries are retrofitted with Wärtsilä’s AQUARIUS READY ballast water management system (BWMS) solution. The AQUARIUS READY concept is a phased installation process and was developed by Wärtsilä to prepare vessels for the fitting of BWMS, while minimising vessel downtime and enabling more efficient operations.

Preparation work onboard the ferries included making the required connections to the main ballast line, installing the bypass and isolating valves, preparing the space needed, and carrying out the foundation work. These tasks were carried out when the vessels were dry-docked. The actual equipment installation and commissioning will take place at a time convenient to the owners following ratification of the IMO Convention.

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“This partnership with Wärtsilä has allowed Condor to be ready to fit ballast water treatment without the need to lay up any of our ships, since the preparation work, which requires the ship to be out of service, was completed during planned refit periods. Fitment can then take place in-service when the International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships’ Ballast Water and Sediments is ratified,”

Graham Belgum, Fleet Director for Condor
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