W TUG 80

The W TUG 80 is the Wärtsilä Ship Design solution for an escort tug of 80 tonnes bollard pull with a speed of approx. 14 knots and an overall length of 35.00 m. (Note: possible adaptation within a range of 70 BP to 100 BP)

The vessel is designed to carry out ship assisting duties at offshore terminals, escorting, push-pull and coastal towing. The performance of the tug meets the requirements for high speed escorting duties. The vessel is highly manoeuvrable with FiFi capability (2400 m3/h), is suitable for operation 200 nm from the coast, and is fitted with a steerable thruster propulsion system. The vessel design includes a modular propulsion concept, which allows for various engine arrangements within the same basic design.

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  • W TUG 80