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Supporting global marine solutions provider’s sustainability drive with the Wärtsilä GHG reduction package for 34DF engines

Recognising an opportunity to stay ahead of tightening emissions limits and deliver on its ambitious sustainability promises, global marine solutions provider DEME approached Wärtsilä. The resulting cooperation led to the creation of Wärtsilä’s GHG reduction package for its 34DF dual-fuel engines.

As a world leader in dredging, land reclamation and offshore energy solutions with a strong global presence and a fleet of more than 100 vessels, DEME has long recognised the need to be at the forefront of sustainable technology. Project Engineer Bert Wuyts explains: “We want to minimise our impact, and we have a clear plan to reduce our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 40% by 2030 relative to 2008 levels. Since 2014 we have been investing heavily in LNG-powered vessels, and this collaboration with Wärtsilä has helped us take our efforts to reduce our emissions a step further.”