Petrojarl I FPSO

In 2001, Wärtsilä supplied the Petrojarl I with two Wärtsilä 18V32DF dual-fuel engines to meet the power production requirements of low emissions and high efficiency.

PGS Production, an oilfield service company based in Norway, owns and operates a highly advanced fleet of Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessels working in the North Sea. Four FPSO vessels are included in the business unit, whose activities comprise complete services from wellhead to refinery.

The choice of engines for the Petrojarl I was influenced by the fact that the vessel was to operate under Norwegian jurisdiction, where a carbon dioxide tax is levied on power production in the offshore sector. The efficiency of the power plant thus has a significant impact on the operational costs of the oil fields. As the operator's requirements also include low NOx emissions, the Wärtsilä 32DF dual-fuel engine became an obvious first choice for this installation. This also resulted in lower operational costs.

Petrojarl I, floating production storage and offloading vessel, 2001

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