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COSCO Shipping Lines Co., Ltd has implemented a number of projects to introduce methanol as an alternative fuel for both newbuild and retrofit vessels in order to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of its fleet. Five new container vessels being built for COSCO Shipping Lines Co., Ltd will each feature three Wärtsilä 32 methanol engines and associated auxiliary equipment as well as the Wärtsilä NOx Reducer (NOR) selective catalytic reduction system.

The Wärtsilä 32 Methanol has received type approval certificates from several classification societies around the world. Using methanol instead of heavy fuel oil can cut CO₂ emissions by up to 7%, nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions by up to 60% and sulphur oxide (SOx) emissions by 99%.  

3D rendering Container ship W32 Methanol setup

Wärtsilä is also partnering with COSCO Shipping Lines Co., Ltd to convert two 13,800 TEU and two 20,000 TEU container ships to run on green methanol. This conversion involves a total of 12 diesel auxiliary engines with green methanol-capable Wärtsilä 32 dual-fuel engines. The retrofit project agreement was signed at the end of 2023. Once the retrofits are complete, these vessels will be the first methanol dual-fuel powered vessels in the COSCO Shipping Lines Co., Ltd fleet.

COSCO Shipping Lines Co., Ltd is actively participating in the construction of COSCO Shipping Group's green methanol supply chain system. The company is also closely following the progress of carbon emission trading to provide support for promoting green and low-carbon transformation and upgrading.

Whatever you need to know about adopting methanol as fuel, you will find here: The page gives you helpful information about methanol conversions and about methanol engines for newbuilds.

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