Rebecca FR143

Rebecca FR143

Wärtsilä has provided an efficient and high performance propulsion solution for a twin rig fishing trawler.

The Scottish fishing vessel Rebecca FR143, built at the MacDuff Shipyard in Scotland and delivered in June 2016, features a Wärtsilä Fixed Pitch Propeller (FPP) and a High Performance (HP) Nozzle. The nozzle has been specially adapted for the vessel’s triple rudder, which is an integral part of the overall design. For this fishing vessel the design has been optimised taking into account the engine’s power and torque performance curves, the hull form, and the operating profile to produce an efficient design and improved operational value.

“Wärtsilä’s design and hydrodynamic expertise, together with its high quality manufacturing, was an important factor in optimising the vessel’s propulsion performance. Especially valuable was Wärtsilä’s flexibility in enabling the fitting of a triple rudder,”

Roy Morrison, MacDuff Shipyards Group.

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