Leif Ericson

The ferry Leif Ericson, as part of a fleet of four vessels, maintains a crucial crossing for passengers and ro-ro freight between the islands of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia in Canada. Its owner and operator, Marine Atlantic Inc., identified challenges with the Wärtsilä Vasa 4R32 auxiliary engine with respect to the engine reliability and start/stop system which required replacement parts. Due to the obsolescence, the components were no longer available.

Since the auxiliary engine is critical for vessel operation, Marine Atlantic reached out to Wärtsilä to find a solution. A thorough audit revealed that the DESPEMES and start/stop systems had come to the end of their lifecycle and required updating.

    ferry Leif Ericson

    Wärtsilä engineered a new upgrade solution, the Wärtsilä Start/Stop and Safety System, that mitigated the challenges caused by electronic component obsolescence and ensured that the Leif Ericson’s auxiliary engine would operate safely for many years to come.

    The entire start/stop and safety system, including the LDU-30 display unit, was upgraded. This unit makes it easy for the crew to monitor engine parameters such as speed, lubricating oil pressure, and HT water temperature, as well as system status indicators for power supply, start interlockings, and shutdowns. The upgrade resulted in:

    • Improved engine reliability and availability 
    • Mitigated against obsolescence of electronic systems
    • Improved monitoring of engine parameters and data
    • Extended service and spare part availability 

    The new Wärtsilä Start/Stop and Safety System replaced the obsolete DS-102 and DESPEMES system, extending the lifetime of the engine and ensuring its safe use for many years to come. The new solution provides much more information and data than the old system, which is highly appreciated by the crew.

    Shane Snider, Technical Superintendent, Marine Atlantic Inc
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