Performance-based agreement with Carnival Corporation's fleet

Agreement optimises the lifecycle efficiency of Carnival’s fleet

In January 2017, a comprehensive, 12-year performance-based agreement has been signed between Wärtsilä and Carnival Corporation. The agreement covers the safety, reliability and fuel consumption of all the company’s cruise ships covered by the agreement. The continuous monitoring and analysis of engine efficiency and fuel consumption will lead to savings in fuel costs measured in tens of millions of dollars per year.


As the cruise industry is continuing to grow rapidly, it has become more and more critical for us to ensure that the operations of our fleet are safe, reliable and efficient. This is good for both our business and the market.

- Mr. Bill Burke, Chief Maritime Officer at Carnival Corporation

    • Ensuring safe, reliable and efficient customer operations
    • 12-year performance-based agreement for 79 of Carnival’s vessels
    • Savings in fuel costs (tens of millions of dollars per year)
    • Increased safety and reliability

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