Thrusters - High performance station keeping and manoeuvrability

Station keeping and manoevrability are key requirements for safety and operating for all marine vessels and Wärtsilä thrusters are designed to fit all vessel applications from merchant, offshore and cruise to tugs, fishing vessels and everything in between.  ​

For over 40 years Wärtsilä has been a market leader in delivering high performance thruster solutions that you can count on to ensure your vessel can operate, no questions asked.


Our solution


Customer references

  • The world’s largest retractable thrusters
    Performance of the propulsion solutions supplied by the technology group Wärtsilä exceeded the design specification and contributed to the success of the sea trials for the world’s largest semi-submersible crane vessel (SSCV). The ‘Sleipnir’ was built at Sembcorp Marine’s Tuas Boulevard Yard in Singapore for the Dutch offshore contractor Heerema Offshore Services (HOS). It was delivered from the yard in July.

    The world’s largest retractable thrusters

  • Kurtarma 11 and 12
    Wärtsilä propulsion solutions producing superior power for two new tug boats

    Kurtarma 11 and 12

  • El Coquí and Taíno
    El Coquí and Taíno will be the very first LNG powered, American flagged, container RoRo ships. They will operate between Jacksonville, Florida and San Juan, Puerto Rico on a weekly rotational basis.

    El Coquí and Taíno

  • Stena Polaris
    The Stena Polaris is a P-MAX tanker owned by Concordia Maritime. The vessel combines transport economy and flexibility with the very highest safety level. The vessel has been built to ice class 1 A specification, which means that it is well equipped to sail in ice-covered waters where broken ice can be up to 0.8 m thick.

    Stena Polaris

  • Gaschem Nordsee
    Wärtsilä supplied the complete propulsion systems for the Gaschem Nordsee designed for the transportation of LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) or (LEG) liquefied ethylene gas.

    Gaschem Nordsee

  • Stadt Valiant
    Delivered in 2009, the Valiant is a 90 BP escort tug powered by two Wärtsilä 8L26 engines, and is well suited for missions such as offshore terminal assistance and coastal towing.

    Stadt Valiant

  • RRS Discovery
    The Royal Research Ship Discovery is designed to support the multidisciplinary research required for the 21st century. The ship is the fourth vessel to bear the name and continues the tradition of oceanographic research at sea.

    RRS Discovery

  • Reynaert
    The Reynaert entered service in 2007. The major part of the pumping power is delivered by the three Wärtsilä 6L26 engines. The ship is also equipped with two Wärtsilä controllable pitch propellers, one Wärtsilä transverse thruster and Wärtsilä propulsion controls.


  • Nor Valiant
    Delivered in 2008, the 78m ROV / Subsea Vessel Nor Valiant is a highly specialized vessel designed by Wärtsilä Ship Design for a wide range of subsea support work.

    Nor Valiant

  • Normand Installer
    Delivered in 2006, the Offshore Construction Vessel Normand Installer by Wärtsilä Ship Design is equipped with a complete Wärtsilä package.

    Normand Installer





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