Propeller solutions enabling energy savings

    Propellers are the unseen workhorse of a vessel and are also a great way to deliver efficiency and manoeuvrability improvements. Wärtsilä propeller solutions are designed for specific vessel need and operating profile to ensure that the propulsion system uses the energy as efficiently as possible and thereby reducing fuel consumption and related emissions, all contributing to the decarbonisation of the marine industry.   


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Article / 31 MAY 2018 3 MIN READ

Bytes and bronze: how digital propellers are getting close to the real thing

More powerful digital simulation is allowing Wärtsilä’s designers to...
  • Propulsion
Article / 6 JUN 2018 3 MIN READ

Propelling into better prospects

Research and development in propeller design is an ongoing process. And rightly so, Wärtsilä’s propeller design...
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Article / 2 MAY 2019 4 MIN READ

Battling noise pollution, underwater

Container ships emit on average around 170 decibels at source, about the sound of a loud rock concert....
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