Versatility and simplicity

We know that choosing the right type of scrubber for your operations is important. That’s why Wärtsilä has developed three kinds of standard scrubber designs to better meet the demands of our customers.

Wärtsilä can offer the conventional venturi scrubber design, as well as the more compact inline scrubber system. Both scrubber designs have benefits and drawbacks dependent on vessel type and layout, which is why our experts work closely with you to recommend what makes sense at a vessel and fleet level.  

Wärtsilä’s exhaust gas treatment systems have superior uptime and some of the best quality of engineering in the market across the globe. Our scrubbers are highly dependable, reliable and safe, providing owners and operators with a high amount of assurance when using these solutions in-operation.

Our exhaust gas treatment systems have been tested and certified according to IMO guidelines, thus ensuring safe operation and compliance.

Most importantly, our systems are simple, and we work with your maintenance and operations teams to ensure that there is minimal impact to their workload.



Wärtsilä Open Loop Exhaust Gas Cleaning system ensures compliance for your vessel



There is a lot more to exhaust gas technology than Sulphur

Exhaust treatment

The IMO 2020 low Sulphur fuel oil transition has proven that the shipping industry can successfully manage huge changes. The next stage is to tackle the other harmful elements in exhaust gasses.

There is every likelihood that more stringent rules that further limit SOx, nitrogen oxides (NOx), particulate matter (PM) and black carbon will come into force. Wärtsilä has therefore adopted a new way of thinking about scrubbers beyond SOx to solve these future challenges.

By adopting a modular approach, continuous research and development, and prioritizing innovation, we will continue to supply the industry with assured lifecycle solutions that will safeguard assets into the future and generate real progress on sustainability targets.


Wärtsilä Exhaust treatment solutions


Open loop, closed loop, or hybrid

Once the right design has been chosen, we can adapt our scrubbers to serve open loop, closed loop or hybrid applications. We do this by working with our customers to understand their requirements, operating patterns and routes.

 No matter the design or operating mode, our exhaust gas treatment systems can go beyond compliance.

Additionally, we are currently the only scrubber manufacturer that offers these systems to the market with water treatment capabilities, in order to ensure the safest possible discharge back to seawater. 



Wärtsilä Exhaust Gas Cleaning System Q-SOX






Learn more about some of our previous installations

  • Harmony of the Seas
    The Harmony of the Seas is powered by four 12-cylinder Wärtsilä 46F engines and two 16-cylinder Wärtsilä 46F engines, featuring best-in-class fuel economy, and outstanding power-to-weight and power-to-space ratios. For effective manoeuvring, the ship has four Wärtsilä CT3500 transverse thrusters.

    Harmony of the Seas

  • Balticborg and Bothniaborg
    Royal Wagenborg, the Dutch ship owner and operator, has installed Wärtsilä scrubber systems to clean the exhaust emissions from two of its RoRo carriers, the ‘Balticborg’ and ‘Bothniaborg’.

    Balticborg and Bothniaborg

  • Color Magic and Color Fantasy
    “Color Line sees environmental issues as a priority and the use of Wärtsilä exhaust gas cleaning systems on another three of our vessels is a significant step towards our goals in this respect.”

    Mr Jan Helge Pile, SVP Marine & Technical, Color Line Marine A/S.

    Color Magic and Color Fantasy

  • Clipper Harald
    Solvang selected the Wärtsilä Open Loop Scrubber System to be retrofitted onboard the LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) tanker “Clipper Harald”.

    The Wärtsilä scrubber systems enables the vessels to comply with current and anticipated environmental legislation, and to operate without restrictions in Emissions Control Areas (ECAs).

    Clipper Harald

  • MV Theben
    The RoRo vessel MV Theben is one of the two recently delivered ships with Wärtsilä EGC systems, owned by a Japanese shipowner and currently being operated by Wallenius Wilhelmsen.

    MV Theben

  • SuperSpeed 2
    Wärtsilä will supply four exhaust gas cleaning systems to retrofit the Ro-pax ferry SuperSpeed 2 for the Norwegian cruise and ferry operator, Color Line.

    SuperSpeed 2


Regulations and guidelines


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