Optimising propulsion for next generation windfarm vessels

There was a lot of detail discussed during the webinar so we have made the materials available for you to download and to view in your own time.

    Many questions were submitted during our webinar. We have compiled answers to the most frequently asked questions to give you access to some of the latest industry insights. We hope it answered all your questions.


      Q&A session results  

      Q&A Windfarm webinar

      What best describes the company you represent?
      Where do you see the demand for wind turbine installation vessels (WTIVs), jack-ups or deep-water floating vessels?
      Can you explain in more detail how 8° tilt improves performance?
      How does the plug-and-play system help the yard and the owner?
      How does integration help create a complete system?
      How does CFD simulation benefit from early customer engagement?
      In the future, larger-capacity thrusters will be required. Do you have a plan for innovative technology research that can maintain the current size while greatly improving the capacity?
      Transit with heavy loads seems to be the key deciding factor for thruster sizing – would it be sensible to have a towed vessel and then thrusters purely for station keeping, rather than station keeping and transit?
      What is Wärtsilä doing to solve environmental challenges such as noise?
      What happens with retractable thrusters during transit, or are they only used for DP?
      How are thrusters helping to meet environmental regulations?
      Are you promoting a mix of pitch and RPM or fixed-pitch-only propulsion?
      How do you decide the thruster positioning?
      As wind turbine installation takes place in reasonably shallow water with higher currents, should DP thrusters for these applications be designed to be more effective under these conditions?

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