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Say ‘HY’ to the future: THE hybrid (r)evolution webinar (Asia time zone)

Hybrid technology is now being applied in all industries

But what about taking it into marine applications? What are the design criteria, expectations and performances you have to apply with the introduction of a hybrid technology within your fleet?

This webinar will guide you through multiple aspects to consider in marine hybrid applications, touching upon how engineering principles have been renewed in to cover updated demands and opportunities. You will also get to know how this will address the current challenges you are facing with your fleet, the tangible benefits and value for your installations.



Topics Covered

  • The 3 engineering principles of hybrid technology in marine applications.
  • Know about the marine industry’s first integrated Hybrid power solution - the Wärtsilä HY.
  • How Wärtsilä HY addresses your challenges on CAPEX/OPEX, emissions, fuel consumption and operational flexibility.
  • How can this hybrid technology be tailored to specific vessel types?
Our presenters
Giulio Tirelli
Giulio Tirelli
Director, Business Development, Wärtsilä Marine Power
Sanjay Verma
GM, Business Development, Decarbonisation Services, Wärtsilä Marine
Alex Albertini
Alex Albertini
CEO, Marfin Manageemnt S.A.M.