Discover Smart Autonomy – Extending your senses with situational awareness

The pursuit of autonomous vessels is leading to smarter systems that can enhance the safety, cost-efficiency and environmental performance of today’s vessel operations; in practice, this means things like reducing collisions or incidents – especially in busy ports – assisting with docking, saving fuel through optimised speed profiles and reducing associated emissions.



At Wärtsilä Voyage we call this “Smart Autonomy,” and it means a commercially viable approach that can be applied today at the beginning of our journey towards an autonomous shipping future.

Situational awareness is a key first building block for autonomous operations, creating awareness of what is going on around and onboard the vessel and collecting data by using sensors such as radars, lasers and cameras.

In this webinar you will discover:
  • What are the enablers for Smart Autonomy?
  • What are the benefits of a stepwise approach?
  • How does situational awareness enable autonomous operations?
  • How to get started with situational awareness and what solutions exist?
  • How can Wärtsilä help you?
Our presenters
Hendrik Busshoff
Autonomy, Wärtsilä Voyage
Dr. Sasha Heriot
Smart Sensors, Wärtsilä Voyage

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