One-stop shop for engine and turbocharger maintenance

One-stop shop for engine and turbocharger maintenance

When it comes to service and maintenance needs for engines and turbochargers, the buck stops at Wärtsilä. As the only authorised service provider for KBB, ABB, and Napier, Wärtsilä is setting new benchmarks.

When it comes to service and maintenance needs for engines and turbochargers, the buck stops at Wärtsilä. As the only authorised service provider for KBB, ABB, and Napier, Wärtsilä is setting new benchmarks.

Keeping turbochargers in prime condition is essential for the overall performance of an engine. After all, a well-maintained turbocharger ensures optimal fuel economy and extends the lifetime of the equipment.

Björn Lindell is the General Manager for Wärtsilä Turbocharger Services. His team, which has been in place for just over a year, has had a major role to play in boosting customers’ profitability and minimising hassle.

“Regular maintenance is key to preventing damage and downtime,” he says. “Our customers can reduce their operational risk, ensure the reliability of their equipment, and save time, thanks to being able to overhaul the turbocharger at the same time as the engine.”


In and out in 24 hours

Based in Europe’s busiest port in Rotterdam, Arnold Feber, Business Development Manager, Wärtsilä Turbocharger Services Northern Europe, has had first-hand experience of how customers are benefitting from Wärtsilä’s total maintenance offering.

“Last week, a small coastal cargo vessel belonging to one of our German customers, based in Ostfriesland, used our repair berth in Rotterdam. 24 hours later she was good to go,” he recalls.

In that short time, Wärtsilä’s service engineers had dismantled the KBB turbocharger, examined, overhauled, and re-installed it on the engine.

“The customer chose us for a variety of reasons,” continues Feber. “Firstly, we have our own repair berth, which allows ships to dock with us without having to pass through the port or pay the port authorities for access. We also have the largest stock of turbocharger parts after OEMs themselves, as well as the necessary manpower and expertise to do the work. And, of course, we are quick and reliable.”

The complete package

By dealing with both the engine and the turbocharger as an integrated system, Wärtsilä optimises the way they work together. Moreover, if the operating profile of a vessel changes, Wärtsilä can make the necessary adjustments to ensure that both pieces of equipment continue to operate at an optimum level.

“Customers these days are not just seeking efficiency gains, they are also always looking for the most hassle-free solution,” continues Lindell. “It goes without saying that having one single point of contact is a huge advantage for any Wärtsilä customer.”

Furthermore, as the only company in the world authorised to carry out service on all of the three major turbocharger brands – ABB, KBB, and Napier – Wärtsilä can cover the complete service needs of a fleet operator, regardless of what mix of turbochargers it uses.

“We’re very proud to be the only authorised external turbocharger service provider for ABB, which is the largest global brand for this kind of equipment,” adds Lindell.


A global network

Wärtsilä only uses original parts and all its work is fully covered by warranty. Moreover, having recently extended its engine warranty – which also covers the turbocharger – Wärtsilä currently offers the longest warranty times in the market.

Wärtsilä is also in the process of setting up a global network of turbocharger workshops, located in close proximity either to major ports or power plants. The specialised workshops are equipped with state-of-the-art tools and equipment, while their dedicated, certified service engineers have the capacity to carry out a wide range of turbocharger service and maintenance activities, both at the workshops and on site. The turbocharger workshops work closely with Wärtsilä’s product lines, providing assistance in troubleshooting, maintenance, upgrades, and replacements.

“We already have more than 20 workshops up and running across Europe, North America, Latin America, The Middle East, and Asia. Our plan is for that number to be close to 30 by the first half of 2019,” concludes Lindell.

Written by
Isabelle Kliger
Contributing Writer at Spoon Agency