• Upgrade to sWOIS and improve your cyber resilience

Upgrade to sWOIS and improve your cyber resilience

With the rapid digitalisation of the energy industry and increased use of integrated systems and software in power plants, addressing cyber security is a critical step in protecting your data and maintaining reliable and safe energy operations.

Modern industrial control systems (ICS) interconnect with multiple networks, systems and locations, offering greatly increased operational efficiencies. However, this development has also introduced cyber security concerns such as unauthorised access and malicious attacks.

Wärtsilä sWOIS is a virtualised, server-based interface system that helps power plant operators overcome common problems such as obsolescence of old systems, availability challenges and cyber threats caused by the rapid digitalisation of the energy industry.

You can prolong the lifecycle of your systems and mitigate cyber security threats by utilising sWOIS and implementing cyber security controls. To reduce cyber risks, sWOIS has IEC 62443-standard best-practice security controls built in, including a firewall, OS hardening, malware protection, user management and network segmentation.

In addition, we have introduced a new Management system module for sWOIS that allows you to monitor and react proactively to the health status of any sWOIS-connected devices and easily manage system backups for quicker post-failure recovery.


The sWOIS Management system is a central part of sWOIS, Wärtsilä Operators’ Interface system for power plant operations. It allows you to monitor the health status of sWOIS related devices and react proactively as well as manage system backups in order to recover quickly after failure.

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