The new Wärtsilä Connector Module

Innovative module design for Wartsila’s 18V50SG engine power plants

A game changer in the energy sector

The new Wärtsilä Connector Modules is an enhanced engine auxiliary module design for Wartsila’s 18V50SG engine power plants. The innovative design represents a significant advancement in engineering, offering substantial improvements in the construction and commissioning process for engine power plants.

Wärtsilä 50SG gas engine offers unique fast-starting capability, which enables rapid response to fluctuations inherent to renewable generation. The solution also supports you towards decarbonisation with its low greenhouse gas emissions and capability of hydrogen blending. Wärtsilä engine power plants can be delivered both as EPC and Equipment Delivery contracts.

The introduction of the Wärtsilä Connector Module marks a significant improvement in construction efficiency and productivity in the energy industry. By continuing to improve the total power plant design solution, Wärtsilä is committed to supporting the evolving needs of its customers and partners.

This new module design is poised to revolutionize the way engine power plants are installed and commissioned, delivering unparalleled benefits to the market. Enabling different variants of equipment with optimised footprint of engine hall. 



Key features and benefits:

  • Streamlined installation: the simplification of the site installation process enables EPC contractors to reduce the total construction duration time of Wärtsilä power plants by approximately three months.
  • Enhanced construction efficiency: a reduction of both the total installed cost of the facility and the time it takes from contract approval to achieving an operating power plant, reducing customer costs.  
  • Time and labor savings: improvements reduce the installation and commissioning schedule by 25%, saving thousands of skilled labor hours. 
  • Footprint improvement:  across a multi-engine footprint, a reduction of three feet or more in powerhouse building represents significant cost reduction in foundation, powerhouse building, and related costs.
  • Market responsiveness: Wärtsilä has proactively addressed the upward trend in labor costs in the US market by working collaboratively with our engineering and construction partners to develop this innovative new Connector Module design. 

More information:

For more information about the Wärtsilä Connector Module and its impact on the US energy sector, please contact Carl Dunaway, Director, Business Development North Region at: carl.dunaway@wartsila.com

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