Barajas Airport, Spain

In 2003, AENA, the Spanish Airport authority , called for bids to supply thermal and electrical energy for the very important Barajas Airport in Madrid under a power purchase agreement for a twenty-year period.

Wärtsilä Combined Heat & Power (CHP) and Combined Cooling, Heating Power (CCHP) systems are supplied to utilities, independent power producers, industries and municipalities. The combination of high efficiency and low emission in power plants built by Wärtsilä is unequalled on the market. Wärtsilä plants comply with national and local environmental requirements and with World Bank guidelines for power plants. The internal combustion tehcnology with its very fast starting and stopping capabilities is also a flexible and good complement to power prduction with renewables, wind and solar energy.

In 2003 when AENA called for bids to supply thermal and electrical energy, Wärtsilä CCHP system offered the perfect solution.The CCHP plant at Barajas Airport generates a net electric power of 33 MW and is connected to both the airport's internal grid and the public grid. The plant at Barajas Airport provides electricity on a continuous basis, and heating during the winter and cooling during the summer. District heating systems are well established infrastructure technology. However, for warmer countries such as Spain where is a short demand for heat and very high summer temperatures, chilling generation is of essence.

Wärtsilä CCHP plant powered by combustion engines offer flexibility and uncompromising performance whenever power, heat or chilling are required. When generating electric power, a substantial amount of chilling can be generated from the exhaust gas and engine cooling waste energy. As both the electric power and chilling consumption is dependent of sesonal and daily fluctuations, the cogeneration plant has to follow the load accordingly. With Wärtsilä solution the demand for both power and chilling meet optimally.

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