Energy Storage and Optimisation
Energy Storage and Optimisation

Energy Optimised

As the world moves towards 100% renewable energy, utilities, IPPs and other energy providers are motivated to harness the potential of intermittent energy sources such as solar, wind and hydro power. We play a key role in our vision towards a 100% renewable grid. Our mission is to make energy storage a fundamental part of a cleaner, more intelligent and distributed energy infrastructure.

Our Story

Building on the legacy of Greensmith Energy, Wärtsilä Energy Storage & Optimisation is the leading global energy storage optimiser. Our mission is to deliver integrated energy solutions that build a resilient, intelligent and flexible energy infrastructure – unlocking the way to an optimised renewable future. By integrating renewables, energy management technology and storage with traditional energy resources, we reinvent clean energy production from the largest and most complex grids to the most remote and essential microgrids. We play a key role in Wärtsilä’s vision towards a 100% renewable energy future through flexibility, reliability and integration and a more sustainable world for us all.


Combined with the deep global resources and expertise of Wärtsilä, we seamlessly integrate traditional and renewable power sources, provide visibility into critical energy systems, optimise multiple generation assets, all while delivering unsurpassed reliability, flexibility and safety to energy operators around the world.


We reach into an expanding global market for programmable energy storage. Wärtsilä is the world’s largest energy integration company with operations in over 200 locations in more than 80 countries around the world. Together, we offer unrivaled solutions to the most pressing energy challenges including the integration of more renewables.


Spanning grid-scale, hybrid and island microgrid solutions, an intelligent software is at the heart of our GEMS platform, enabling customers to tap into the full potential of solar, wind and hydro resources. GEMS software enables intelligent energy applications that deliver a true “renewables as baseload” solution that is not only climate-friendly, increases resilience and efficiencies, but can be supported by an existing grid infrastructure.

We are optimising energy for a smarter, safer & more reliable grid

Wärtsilä Energy Storage & Optimisation supports the renewable energy transition by providing flexibility solutions and the advanced GEMS Digital Energy Platform, which connect energy assets to energy markets in technically and economically optimised manners.
Brochure Wärtsilä Energy Storage


GEMS is a sophisticated energy management software platform that monitors, controls and optimises energy.

GEMS controls energy storage, renewables and thermal generation assets at increments of 100 milliseconds, utilising machine learning and historic and real-time data analytics to calibrate what type of generation is needed at specific time.

Your competitive advantage in designing, integrating, and managing generation assets with unrivaled safety, reliability, and flexibility.

GEMS Features

360 degrees black

Provides energy producers with a holistic view into their grid system operations while also pinpointing and isolating any system malfunctions automatically.


Offers the best potential technology solution available in the market, designed for our customers specific project lifetime objective. We integrate seamlessly with distributed resources and devices including: batteries, PCSs, PV solar, wind, hydro, engines, and gas turbines— 70+ installations with 16 battery and 12 inverter types integrated.


Automated decision-making based on real-time and forecasted data (device status, weather, grid measurements, and market data). This intelligence optimises system performance while reducing costs and offers flexible warranty management of multiple battery technologies.


Based on open, standard communications protocols and architected around cyber best practices to ensure both cutting edge performance and security. Hosted in the cloud or behind the firewall of a secured network.


Our solutions optimise the operational value and energy performance for the life of the system. The portfolio is specifically designed to adapt to changes in market conditions and rate structures, effectively future-proofing energy storage investments for both energy providers and regulated utilities.
Energy Storage and Optimisation first to achieve cybersecurity certification for a hybrid controller

Wärtsilä North America awarded IEC 62443 certifications for the GEMS Power Plant Controller

During our commissioning tests, several load rejections were tested, including loss of wind, loss of engines and loss of demand, and in every circumstance GEMS instantaneously tracked and maintained the quality of the generation avoiding the load shedding of the grid. This is just one example of how this project will improve operations through automation while helping the island avoid blackouts, achieve greater efficiencies and use more wind power
Giorgio Narminio, Caribbean assets COO of owner ContourGlobal

GEMS IntelliBidder - Your revenue, optimised

Optimise your revenue with Wärtsilä’s GEMS IntelliBidder. GEMS IntelliBidder uses machine learning and optimisation algorithms based on automated and forecasted data for smart bidding.

It is a cloud-hosted product that provides Electricity Market Price Forecasting, Renewable Forecasting, Schedule Commitment, and Bid Optimisation functions.

We offer configurable automated bidding solutions for key global markets, including but not limited to: ERCOT (Texas, USA), CAISO (California, USA), MISO (Midwest, USA), AEMO (Australia), as well as National Grid ES (UK).

GEMS IntelliBidder will enable Hickory Park Solar to provide Georgia Power a day-ahead firming solar-plus storage profile, to improve the predictability of intermittent generation. Read more about the project. 

GEMS Resources

GEMS Grid Controller & GEMS Rack Specification Sheet

GEMS Grid Controller

The GEMS Grid Controller (GC) conducts intelligent grid control and optimised power management at microgrids of all sizes. It is part of Wärtsilä’s GEMS energy management platform for energy generation assets—solar, wind, energy storage, thermal—as well as hybrid power plants that combine multiple types of energy resources. 

GEMS Power Plant Controller Specification Sheet

GEMS Fleet Director

The GEMS Fleet Director provides centralised, real-time visibility into a global fleet of power plants. The Fleet Director is hosted in the cloud and allows for secure monitoring of real-time equipment status, operation history, and aggregated alarms at the fleet, power plant, and individual device levels. It works closely with GEMS Power Plant Controllers installed onsite to enable the intelligent operation of renewable, thermal, energy storage, and hybrid power plant assets.

GEMS Fleet Director Specification Sheet

GEMS Power Plant Controller

The GEMS Power Plant Controller conducts intelligent power control and optimised energy management operations at power plants of all sizes. It is part of Wärtsilä’s GEMS energy management platform for energy generation assets—solar, wind, energy storage, and thermal—as well as hybrid power plants that combine multiple types of energy resources.

GridSolv Quantum

Wärtsilä Energy’s next generation energy storage solution.

Introducing a holistic energy storage system that ensures the lowest lifecycle costs and the smallest system footprint. An outdoor fully integrated energy storage system designed for ease of deployment and sustainable energy optimisation.

Wärtsilä GridSolv Quantum

Optimised for flexibility, functionality and safety.

GridSolv Quantum comprises the following main parts:
  • Battery enclosure with pre-installed liquid cooled battery racks and all sub-systems such as HVAC
  • AC and DC outdoor rated cabinet, which interfaces battery strings with the inverter and provides an interface for auxiliary power and communications
  • Interconnection busbars and cables.

GridSolv Quantum can be paired with leading inverter manufacturer’s products giving maximum flexibility for project-specific configuration and grid connection options.

GridSolv Max

GridSolv Max is a standardised solution that provides flexible and modular storage for the core hardware assets within our energy storage systems.

This innovative architecture simplifies installation and integration across any energy storage application or deployment size.  


GridSolv Max Specification Sheet

GridSolv Max Specification Sheet

Wärtsilä’s GridSolv Max is a standardised and cost-effective energy storage solution that significantly increases energy density and system reliability for meeting customer energy needs while also adequately future-proofing their hardware assets.

Achieve up achieve up to 6 MWh of energy storage capacity.

Experience a cost improvement of over 30% when compared to custom deployments.

Cut 40-50% of your EPC timeline as battery racks, controllers, wiring and ducting, are pre-installed.

Receive equipment in 10-12 weeks – less than half the time compared with previous custom projects.

GridSolv Max can accommodate battery modules from 6 different vendors.

To address combustion concerns, a highly effective system for extinguishing fires & preventing re-ignition is built-in.

Shelving is pre-installed to safely mount equipment. Includes a fire alarm control panel (FACP).

A heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) unit with required peripherals is included to regulate temperature and humidity.

For emergency scenarios, a mechanism to safely interrupt the flow of electricity from the PV array is also included.
The project was accomplished smoothly, owing to the great engineering work of Wärtsilä. The integration of the energy storage system is a huge step in ALTEO’s Virtual Power Plant development and we strongly believe that this technology has opened us new opportunities to successfully respond to upcoming challenges
Peter Luczay, Director of Wholesale Energy Trading and Virtual Power Plant Management at Alteo


GEMS Storage+ Solution Specification Sheet

GEMS Storage+ Solution

The Wärtsilä Storage+ solution empowers users to get the most out of their grid-scale energy storage systems with a rich library of included operation logics, integration with connected hardware such as safety equipment and renewable energy generation assets, and advanced asset monitoring capabilities.

GEMS Islandgrid+ Solution Specification Sheet

GEMS Island Grid+ Solution
Island grids present a unique set of challenges, particularly the need for reliable energy to provide critical power needs. The Wärtsilä Island Grid+ Solution is a comprehensive package suite that empowers the renewable modernisation of island grids using a variety of generation assets. The result is both economic and environmental benefits for grid-scale capabilities for localised energy.

GEMS Engine+ Solution Specification Sheet

GEMS Engine+ Solution

The Wärtsilä Engine+ Solution is a comprehensive package suite that integrates Wärtsilä hybrid power plants (engine power plant and energy storage) seamlessly with renewable generation, ensuring stable and uninterrupted power generation, resulting in both economic and environmental benefits.

GEMS Renewables+ Solution Specification Sheet

GEMS Renewables+ Solution
The Wärtsilä Renewables+ Solution is designed to maximise the value of renewable energy sources through the integration with energy storage systems, and a rich library of included operation logics, forecasting features, connected hardware such as safety equipment and renewable energy generation assets, and advanced asset monitoring capabilities.

Future-Proofing Energy Storage

With changing dynamics in the energy market, owners will be successful only if they future-proof their energy storage investments. In this white paper, learn our approach to future-proofing energy storage projects in two significant markets: the United Kingdom and California.

Project Spotlights


    Energy storage and GEMS bring grid flexibility to the Caribbean
    10 MW / 26 MWh

    An energy upgrade—including a new 10 MW / 26 MWh energy storage system and advanced control platform—introduces flexibility into the local Roatan grid. While the energy storage system secures reliability by eliminating the need for mechanical spinning reserve. Wärtsilä’s sophisticated GEMS energy management system controls Roatan’s entire energy system, including enhancing earlier delivered Wärtsilä engines, and supporting solar panels on the island.


    ALTEO Group

    Hybrid solution for optimised performance
    6 MW / 4 MWh

    The first Engine+ solution deployment includes a 6 MW / 4 MWh energy storage system. It is fully integrated with the existing power plant using GEMS. The software is a critical component of the Engine+ installation as it is able to analyse changes in market conditions and rate structures. Having such robust optimisation capabilities helps ALTEO not only maximise revenue, but also protect their energy storage investment for years to come.

    ALTEO Group

    Pivot Power

    Energy storage accelerates a clean electric future in the UK
    2 x 50 MW / 50 MWh

    Wärtsilä’s experience in energy storage and complex multi-application systems resulted in offering a new solution in the UK market: deploying two 50 MW / 50MWh lithium-ion energy storage projects as part of Pivot Power’s development of grid-scale energy storage and rapid electric car charging network across the UK, directly connected to the UK National Grid.

    Fekola Mine

    Renewables plus energy storage become cost-competitive
    at an off-grid mine in Mali
    17.3 MW / 15.4 MWh

    Seeking a clean energy solution to improve energy generation and energy security at the off-grid mine, including integration of existing energy assets (solar and engines), B2Gold chose a hybrid solution to reduce their fuel-dependence, cut carbon emissions and optimise mining operations at the Fekola Mine.

    Fekola Mine


    Grid control, integration and optimisation
    1 MW of solar, 4.5 MW of wind power and 6 MW/3.2 MWh energy storage

    Supplying energy for an entire island community entails a unique skillset beyond simply connecting inverters and batteries – which is why Graciolica Lda engaged Wärtsilä. Leveraging the industry-leading Greensmith Energy Management System (GEMS), the Graciosa island grid will be able to address baseload supply requirements while accommodating fluctuations in output that are inherent to energy supplied from renewable sources, such as solar and wind.


    Learn more

    Cracking the Code to Grid Congestion

    Cracking the Code
    to Grid Congestion

    Transforming Today’s Energy Grid

    Transforming Today’s
    Energy Grid

    Cremzow Case Study

    Partnership Turns Power into
    Profits – The Cremzow Project

    Bonaire Case Study

    Increased Renewable Energy
    Penetration – Island of Bonaire




    The 1st utility scale transmission-connected energy storage solution to accelerate the UK transition to clean energy transport



    Maximising utilisation and performance of renewable energy through smart technology and energy storage systems


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