Wärtsilä RS24

High-resolution short-range radar


The Wärtsilä RS24 system is the latest generation of Wärtsilä Voyage high resolution radar. It is designed to provide high levels of situational awareness in densely populated marine environments.

The RS24 Sensor is a high speed, high resolution FMCW K-band dome radar. K-band (24GHz) radar has an inherently higher resolution than the S or X bands more typically used for marine radar. It can output radar images both to the RS24 Dashboard and also to third party applications which support the ASTERIX CAT-240 open data format.

Key benefits

  • High resolution situational awareness
  • Navigate with greater precision through busy waterways
  • Safer manoeuvring in harbours, fjords and locks
  • Identify and locate small crafts or navigation buoys
  • No radar blind spots

Key features

  • 60 RPM
  • Ultra-Linear FMCW
  • Close range operation from 1m
  • Full 360º scanning
  • K-Band Radar
  • ASTERIX CAT-240 output (8-bit and 16-bit resolution)

Additional information

Dashboard and service interface

The RS24 Dashboard software runs on a marine specification computer, usually mounted on the bridge. It is the interface through which the operator can control the day to day operation of the RS24 Sensor and view the radar image that is generates.

  • Ergonomically friendly - user centered design for ease of use
  • Optional full screen modes
  • Optional touchscreen control
  • Minimalist design to reduce operational ambiguity
  • Sensor control, configuration, alarm handling and data logging functionality
  • Control, clarity and complete visibility of the sensor and its operational environment
  • Comprehensive user friendly all in one guide for installing and operating RS24
  • Operation friendly day and night mode
  • The user interface is common across all sensors, to aid productivity and reduce cost of ownership

RS24 service interface

The RS24 Service Interface software is the interface to the sensor which allows a service engineer or advanced user to change the behavior of the RS24 Sensor. It controls the functions which should not be required for day to day operation of the radar.

RS24 brochure