Scalable and secure interface to access on-board machinery data


The ability to collect data from your fleet’s automation systems without interruption, at a high resolution level, is the key to ensuring safe, reliable and efficient operations achieving millions of dollars in savings every year.

Wärtsilä Voyage uses OPC UA to securely stream scalable amounts of machinery data from your onboard automation system. This well-known industrial format offers an end goal of a faster and better integration with any platform used today for analytics on your own premises.

NACOS Platinum OPC UA resolves the tension between the need for data to increase vessel efficiency and operation, and the need to ensure a high cyber security posture.

Unlike Modbus or similar legacy protocols, OPC UA gives customers the ability to more securely access the entire automation system dataset with out needing a service engineer to come on board to add signals during a vessel’s lifetime.

For these reasons, more and more customers are migrating to OPC UA instead of older legacy interfaces used in the past.

Key benefits

OPC UA is able to scale and adopt fast changes as you need it.

It is more transparent, controlled and remotely maintainable, exposing automation data directly to your infrastructure.

  • Data integrity and quality
  • High level of cyber security posture
  • Clear and live system status awareness
  • Easy to scale up
  • Reduced cost of ownership
  • Minimise risks of downtime

Cyber Resilience Elements

Wärtsilä Voyage has experience in implementing cyber security capabilities for marine automation and navigation systems.

We understand that cyber security is not a product but an evolving asset that needs constant monitoring, managing, and updating. We continuously improve the cyber security posture of our systems and services, following the below standards for NACOS Platinum: ISA/IEC 61662-460 for navigation and communication; and ISA/IEC 62443 for marine automation.

We work closely with shipowners, yards, and classification societies to enhance the cyber resilience of ships and ports and support our customers at all stages of digitalisation, starting with development and delivery to complete lifecycle solutions for both hardware and software.

Additional information

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