Wärtsilä Smart Realities

Virtual Reality solutions to prepare seafarers for every complex ship environment and systems of today and tomorrow.


Welcome aboard Wärtsilä Smart Realities — a solution that goes beyond the standard joypad, controls, and monitors to provide a highly immersive training experience. Combining mathematical, physical, and environmental modelling with the latest in virtual and augmented reality, our solution places students on a virtual bridge or engine room to make training as real as it can get.



It is a versatile solution that can be applied to almost all technologies in navigation, engineering, and other training fields — introducing an exciting new technique in seafarer training that appeals to future cadets.

Key benefits

  • Virtual Reality solutions help prepare tomorrow’s seafarers for a ship environment that is becoming increasingly complex.
  • Cost-effective and fully immersive XR solution.
  • Combining today’s technology with 25 years of experience in hi-fidelity hydrodynamical, mathematical and physical modelling.
  • One platform that complements your existing simulator or can be applied even as a stand-alone solution.
  • Use the same functionalities, exercises, models, and databases as your traditional simulator setup, just delivered via a hi-tech and more effective learning method.
Wartsila Voyage Smart Realities

Dive into a new world of Simulation!


Virtual and augmented simulation solutions for utmost realistic training experience.

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