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Wärtsilä Small Craft Simulator

Big news for Small Crafts: Discover Wärtsilä Small Craft Simulator and enable next level small craft operator training and examination.


Handle speed boats, motorboats and small crafts with ease: Wärtsilä Small Craft Simulator provides life-like training simulation for speed and motorboat control and manoeuvring as well as using communications equipment while operating a small craft. Our Small Craft Simulator can be used for education, training and examination and helps navigators get familiarised with various types of small crafts.

The simulator offers navigation and operation rules training and is fully customisable for both sea-going motorboats and law enforcement agencies’ needs. Our Wärtsilä Small Craft simulator can be utilised for training and refresher courses – and can even provide further training, such as inspection division management, maintaining law and order training, incident prevention training, enforcement agency rights courses, small craft registration training and examination of navigators.

Training available for

  • Speed boat control and manoeuvring 
  • Motorboat control and manoeuvring
  • Using communications equipment while operating a small craft
  • Examination for issuing small craft licenses 


  • Classroom 
  • Part Task Bridge 
  • Full mission simulator
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