Experience Wärtsilä Cloud Simulation on Ocean Learning Platform

Cost-effective, easily deployable, and scalable tool to hone and assess seafarers’ competencies – as you need, when you need and from where you need.


Strengthen your training and competitive edge using a cloud-based simulator training tool available on-demand and scalable as per your needs. Wärtsilä Voyage’s Cloud Simulation is now available on OTG’s Ocean Learning Platform. Utilise this online platform to seamlessly plan, train, collaborate and assess seagoing personnel’s critical navigational and engine room skills from anywhere in the world.

Key benefits

Quick and cost-effective access to online simulated environments, equipment and scenarios enable you to:

  • Upskill existing crew.
  • Uncomplicate pre-employment assessment.
  • Risk-free pre-mission planning.
  • Respond quickly to immediate training and certification requirements.
  • Reach global cohorts easily.
  • Collaborate with experts worldwide.

Tangible benefits for Ship Operators, Crewing Agencies and Maritime Training Institutes.


Ship operators and owners Access cloud-based high-quality simulations for training, mission planning and assessments – anytime and anywhere.

Institutes and agencies Not bound by the number of physical installations and can scale with demand.


Ship operators and owners Simpler and more efficient end-to-end training programs reduce downtime, the need for travel to physical simulators, and the associated costs.

Institutes and agencies What you spend directly relates to what you use/sell--no big upfront payment needed.

New Possibilities

Ship operators and owners Makes it possible to bring advanced training and assessment closer to the flow of work. Greater assurance from need-based assessments.

Institutes and agencies Connect seamlessly into off-METI workflows, adding value and creating new streams. All data in one place for performance analytics and insight.

Open-market collaborations

Ship operators and owners Directly connects you to your providers, suppliers, and the international community of instructors.

Institutes and agencies With global reach, you are no longer only reliant on your local market. Customers are everywhere, and you can now serve them from wherever you are.

A connected ecosystem for seamless collaboration and growth
What this means for


  • Flexible remote learning from anywhere and anytime.
  • Better support pre and post sessions.
  • Easier tracking of achievements.


  • Flexible remote working from anywhere and anytime.
  • Ability to assemble cohorts easily.
  • Ability to design richer and more effective learning pathways.


  • Single workflow.
  • Assemble cohorts regardless of geography.
  • Clearer overview of records and performance metrics.
In this new post-pandemic landscape, smart training technologies are key to having continuous efficient development and assessment of seafarers so that we can unlock their full potential in a constantly evolving and competitive industry.
Neil Bennett
Director Sales Americas, Global Simulation, Wärtsilä Voyage


Wärtsilä Voyage and Ocean Technologies Group partnered to deliver transformational learning solutions to improve safety and efficiency at sea

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