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Wärtsilä Engine Room Simulator

Exact simulation of machinery and engine room compartments to train and assess the competence of the engine department personnel.


Wärtsilä Engine Room Simulator (ERS TechSim) is designed to train and assess the competence of engine department personnel, including second and chief engineers, officers in charge of engineering watch, and ratings of engineering watch.

The ERS TechSim provides a detailed replica of the vessel systems and simulates machinery and engine room compartments. The ERS TechSim version was developed for engineering staff and provides hands-on experience in watch-keeping, troubleshooting and resource management. This simulator is ideal for training centres, academies, governmental authorities, shipping companies, and crewing agencies.

Key benefits

  • Engine room equipment familiarisation. 
  • System layout and flow diagrams. 
  • Control system and automation. 
  • Alarm and safety system. 
  • Watchkeeping and troubleshooting. 
  • Emission control and fuel economy management. 
  • Vessel resource management. 

Key features

For trainees: 

  • Ship’s diesel propulsion plant. 
  • Ship’s electric power plant. 
  • Auxiliary systems and machinery. 
  • Machinery sound imitation.
  • Alarm systems with Sound & Visual Alarm Unit. 
  • 3D visualisation.  


For instructors: 

  • Exercise editor to create and edit exercises. 
  • Briefing facility for trainees. 
  • Online monitoring and recording trainee’s work. 
  • Debriefing facility for display and analysis of recorded exercises. 
  • Extended possibilities for exercise data printing. 
  • e-Tutor evaluation and assessment system  
  • Integrated communication system. 
Additional information

Stand-alone simulator:


  • Individual in-house or distance learning from the cloud.  
  • Equipment familiarisation. 
  • Self-examination and competence assessment.  
  • Refresher training. 

Networked class:


  • The classroom configuration is ideal for training and assessing many students while achieving high instructor-to-student ratios.  
  • Several interactive trainee workstations with instructor supervision.  
  • Principles of operation and troubleshooting.  
  • Diagnosis of engineering/electrical systems. 

Full Mission Configuration :



The full mission configuration is a replica of the Engine Control Room, main switchboard, and machinery compartments. The configuration is ideal for training engine room teams and officers in charge of machinery in the following areas: 



  • Advanced operation and troubleshooting. 
  • Human factors training. 
  • Resource management training. 
  • Communication protocols. 
  • Emergency operating procedures. 
  • Machinery disaster management. 
  • Final training and certification. 
  • Assessment and examination. 

Cloud Simulation 


Wärtsilä ERM TechSim is also available on the cloud. Modules and functionalities are exactly the same, but it allows for even greater flexibility as it saves travel cost, and it is always up to date. 


Smart Realities 


Our 3D simulation is now enriched with two new levels of interaction thanks to the seamless integration with VR Headset, which allow for an even more immersive experience with: 

  • Interactive Walkthroughs 
  • Procedural HV Breaker Training

Training material

Training materials for the Wärtsilä Engine Room Simulator were created per the requirements of the IMO Model Course 2.07 following the 2007 edition. Using these training materials will save the instructors time and help prepare training courses of various levels of complexity without deep knowledge of the simulator. All you need is a basic knowledge of ERM. 

Training materials are intended for diverse training:

  • For home study, video files with voice comments are used. 
  • For interactive training, students in the classroom can simultaneously repeat the actions on the workplace monitor while listening to explanatory content. 
  • Several cloud-based exercises and the same set of exercises can be used for training in the classroom as well: 
  • Step-by-step explanations of the problem to be solved. 
  • Test exercises with automatic assessment and results logging as per protocol. 
  • Suitable for both self and classroom training with the instructor. And can be used for both distance (cloud-based) and full-time training. 


 Wärtsilä Engine Room Simulator is compliant with international standards and regulations: 

  • STCW 2010 Convention and Code. 
  • ISM Code, Sections 6 and 8. 
  • IMO Model Courses 2.07, 7.02, 7.04, 7.08. 
  • MARPOL and SOLAS. 
  • DNVGL-ST-0033 Maritime Simulator Systems standard. 


Wärtsilä Engine Room Simulator has a statement of product quality according to the NK Standard for Certification of Maritime Education and Training Simulator Systems based on the latest STCW requirements and corresponding to IMO model courses. 


3D Virtual Reality: 


  • 3D visualisation of various ship compartments 
  • Access to Local Operation Posts from 3D visualisation 
  • Control and functionality adjustment from 3D visualisation 


Iimitation of local operation posts in machinery compartments: 


  • Trainee selects a starting point and a point of destination. 
  • Video from a real vessel shows a walk-through to the destination from MCR. 
  • Eliminates the need for a ‘gaming’ experience to navigate to a given location. 
  • Adds real-time constraints into full mission resource management exercises. 
  • On arrival, trainees can operate the selected local operation post. 
  • Machinery space 3D visualisation allows trainees to move to an individual piece of equipment and to operate it. 




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